The Congress of Victors – Sinn Féin Ard Fheis 2018

  The 17th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1934 witnessed the decisive victory of the Stalinist faction. However, even the 100 or so negative ballots were enough to embark Stalin on a massive escalation of the Terror that was to claim millions of lives over the next 20 years. 98 […]

A Tunnel to the Moon

A Tunnel to the Moon: The Good Friday Agreement and the End of the Irish Republican Army                                                                        Once upon a road, really was a crazy time, We believed we could move mountains so we moved them in our minds. Blood and sweat and bitter tears took the days and took the years, We have […]

Sinn Féin must now oppose repeal of 8th amendment

  The one consistent thread throughout the Committee hearings and subsequent debate in Leinster House on the referendum to introduce abortion, was the extraordinary cross party consensus among supporters of repeal. From the right of Fine Gael to the far left of the various Trotskyist configurations, and all points between, there was an insistence that […]

Ireland and the Russian Revolution

                                (Nuroteva)   The popular reaction to the Russian Revolution in Ireland was initially generally favourable. Many people regarded it as sharing the aspirations of the Irish people to freedom. Even the newspapers, which were mostly opposed to republicanism and […]

Sinn Féin to hold Ard Fheis on Abortion – After the Referendum!

  Responding to increasing unease within the party over its stance on abortion, the Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle met on Monday March 19 and decided to bring its annual Ard Fheis forward from November to June. This will apparently allow members to decide whether Sinn Féin will support legislation on allowing abortion up to 12 […]

Fighting the Empire: Dublin in the Revolutionary Years (1)

  Dublin between the defeat of the 1916 Rising and the resurgence of the revolution after 1917 was a grim place for many of its inhabitants.  A Local Government Board report in 1917 on the health of mothers and children stated that the infant mortality rate in the city was 160.3 per 1,000. 9% of […]

Will the “West Brits” win the Grand Slam?

  As Ireland prepare to face England at Twickenham on St. Patrick’s Day, with a chance of winning the Grand Slam for only the third time, another culture war has erupted over the playing of anthems. Some eagle eyed chap spotted that the Irish captain Rory Best does not sing Amhrán na bhFiann, the national […]

“If I can’t Loot, i don’t want to be part of your Revolution.”

With apologies to Emma Goldman…. The Beast from the East not only caused the country to come to a halt for several days; it inspired the revolutionary proletariat of Tallaght to strike a blow against corporate capitalism and globalisation. A LIDL store was demolished after being expropriated, and an attempt was made to burn down […]

Sinn Féin Blunders on Repeal of 8th

  Sinn Féin seldom make too many tactical errors. Its leadership, not necessarily the one you see on the media, usually comes up with a formula to ensure that all eyes are kept on the prize of power, and all that goes with it. Dissenters are pulled into line or isolated. Which begs the question […]

The Great Revival

The Revival       The 1950s did not begin auspiciously for Dublin. They failed to make the play off stages in either 1950 or 1951, but they did reach the Homeâ final in 1952 where a large attendance of over 30,000  was a sign that interest in the capital was reawakened, although it was […]