The Great Revival

The Revival       The 1950s did not begin auspiciously for Dublin. They failed to make the play off stages in either 1950 or 1951, but they did reach the Homeâ final in 1952 where a large attendance of over 30,000  was a sign that interest in the capital was reawakened, although it was […]

Dublin’s lean years

(Dublin’s All Ireland winning team in 1942)   Following the completion of the three-in-a-row against Kerry in the 1923 final, Dublin endured an unprecedented barren spell which lasted for 19 years before they again won an All Ireland in 1942. The only similar droughts were the 16 years between 1942 and 1958, and the same […]

Dublin v Kerry, 1923 All Ireland final

   The 1923 All Ireland final:    September 28, 1924, Croke Park, All Ireland Final (1923):  Dublin 1 – 5  Kerry 1 – 3   Attendance 18,500 (official)   As the big day approached it was clear that interest in Kerry was huge and that the team was the focus of massive support. A large […]

The Beginning of the Dublin/Kerry rivalry

  The Beginning of the Dublin Kerry rivalry in the 1920s   Before 1976, the last time Dublin had defeated Kerry in an All Ireland final was in 1923 (Dublin team photographed above). However, that year’s final was not held in 1923, and the reason that it was not almost overshadowed the final itself. Although […]

Dublin’s Glory Years: Part I

  Dublin’s first football All Ireland February 28, 1892, Clonturk Park, Young Irelands (Dublin) 2 – 1,   Clondrihid (Cork) 1 – 9   Dublin’s first All Ireland was won in the pleasant surroundings of Clonturk Park in Drumcondra. It has long since been swallowed by houses but was the venue for several early finals. […]

“We will never enter a coalition with the right.”

    There must be a lot of humble pie being eaten by the Sinn Féin “left” this morning. Having stoutly denied that they would ever support being in government with one of the “right wing” parties – obviously the DUP are the Irish equivalent of Syriza – last night they voted to do just […]

War and an Irish family

Conor Cruise O’Brien, who would have been 100 this week had he lived, once ascribed republican militancy to the influence of mothers who passed on what he obviously considered to be a malign gene to their offspring. In my case it was my grandmother. When I was a child she would tell me stories about […]

Dublin by numbers

  It is all a bit anoraky, but the statistics behind Dublin’s games this year are fascinating. Especially for those of us whose other interests include American sports like NBA basketball and the NFL. Jim Gavin is an NFL fan, and Jason Sherlock. one of the ley backroom boffins, played basketball at a high level. It […]

The end of the road?

  Although talks between Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire and the five main Assembly parties are due to begin on Monday, there is little optimism that they will lead to a resurrection of the Executive. A tweet from Michelle O’Neill on Saturday proposed that any “talks be focused and time limited,” but anyone seeking to […]

Sinn Féin and the European Union

  Four quotes on the European Union: “Outside the EEC we would still be able to have a close trading relationship with the member states…. We would also regain control over our own economic development and policies.” “We want a negotiated withdrawal from the EC.” “Democracy was being undermined by the EC system… we should […]