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Blazing Row at Sinn Féin TDs meeting


Progressive secularists prevent Catholic indoctrination

The fallout from the resignation of Peadar Tóibin, and the indications that he has substantial support among republicans for a new party, obscured another rare event within a party that prides itself on its adherence to Omertá.

On Wednesday November 7, just before she jetted off to New York for the ceremonial presenting of more envelopes from the east coast families, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald had to sit through a meeting that lasted several hours in which TDs vented their frustrations at the current crisis afflicting the party.

Among the issues raised were the disastrous showing of Liadh ní Riada in the Presidential elections, and the complaint made by some TDs that they had not been consulted on the decision to run the party newcomer. In any event, the Sinn Féin support base had its own say and mostly voted for Higgins or Casey. The TDs who were annoyed over the choice had their say by basically standing down their local organisations for the campaign.

Another issue that led to heated discussion was the revelation by Ní Riada that she had not exactly been truthful about her take home pay. Not that in any normal set of circumstances that ought to be anyone’s business.

This followed on from the revelation earlier in the year that Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis had been similarly exempted from the alleged universal obligation on all party elected representatives and staff members to hand over anything above the Average Industrial Wage. On the reasonable grounds that to have done so would have prevented him looking after his responsibilities. Dessie in fairness is not responsible for the hypocritical nonsense that underlies the excuse to extract public funds.

When I had refused for years to pony up at the possible cost of losing my house, I had been told every so often that everyone “from Gerry’s driver to Gerry himself” takes home the same wage. Well, we were not all on British Military Intelligence nixers like Roy the driver. “Roy the Rat”, as he is affectionately known, seems to have shared in the same amnesty which has been granted to some other privileged touts. Perhaps he handed over his moonlighting money.

But back to the meeting. One long standing TD was particularly irate because he had for years been harassed over money which he could ill afford while attempting to put his family through college, and of course not being eligible for grants which his actual income would have entitled him to because of his having to contribute to “the party.” Partaay in more senses than one, depending on who you are.

Of course it was all for our own good to be freed of the corrupting temptations of our wages. Like E.L Doctorow’s Prophet, Walter John Harmon, the Party “took our evil unto himself, we had emerged reborn, with our addictions, our concupiscence, and our depthless greed lifted from us.” Praise the Lord.

The fallout from the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment on abortion has also continued to cause internal frictions. The only thing that the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis ratified was support to repeal the legislation. It gave no mandate beyond that even though some had already ignored whatever decision was going to be made by coming out in support of the 12 weeks limit.

Those of us who pointed out that that was irrelevant as they would take the Ard Fheis vote as a rubber stamp to approve legislation that will provide for one of the most liberal abortion regimes in the world. Which is exactly what they have done. Would the electorate, let alone the Sinn Féin membership, have voted in favour of a law that will basically allow people to abort the “eugenically unsound.”? Are those voting for this, thinking that it makes them “radical,” even familiar with the ideological roots of such anti humanism?

So now, life long republicans have to listen to a TD who joined the party weeks before being selected as a candidate – having presumably left the party she was previously a member of – lecture them on being “right wing” and “reactionary.” The same people used exactly the same language to condemn the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s. Some might do well to recall. And then there are those who swore blind that they would “never” support abortion on demand voting now on the most extreme proposals of the ultra left.

No-one joined the republican movement to introduce abortion on demand. And the things that we did join for have been abandoned or put on some never never bucket list as part of a “totality of relationships” subservient to external forces which deny Irish sovereignty. That is as it is.

It would be tempting to suggest that the Emperor has no clothes, but that would perhaps not be an apt analogy. It would be like saying that the Emperor only has one house, or no property in Florida.





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