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Savaged by a Dead Tofu – The Trial of Peter Casey

It would appear that the Care Bears are satisfied with their alleged taking down of Peter Casey. Despite the evidence in fact as Casey performed quite well. Perhaps Richard Boyd Barrett and the ironically self-designated “anti fascists” were prescient in their calling for Casey to be denied a “platform.” Trotsky and Lenin did not sit around debating with scum like anarchists and priests and philosophers; they just had them murdered or sent to camps.

The admonishment choreographed  by Ryan Tubridy – Ireland’s very own André Malraux – included a lecture from Mother Mary on our bad behaviour, and indeed the bad behaviour of the world in general.

So, all you racist polar bear hating reactionaries, time to buck up your ideas. She is of course happy that the other Labour charlatan Higgins won given his commitment to the “Republic of Equality.” Whatever that is. She noted that Higgins had said (perhaps she ought to have used a different word) that he would never ever seek a second term, but apparently he had been persuaded to endure all the hardship which that entails because we need looking after, clearly. Higgins’ sacrifice is surely on a par with those who died under torture in Prinz Albrecht Strasse and the Lubyanka. So remember that you ungrateful bastards.

Robinson, in a rant against all things not acceptable in polite society in Rathmines, also alluded to the fact that Trump was elected President of the United States on marginally less votes than Clinton. Conveniently overlooking the fact that she herself was elected President on 39% and that in her last meaningful electoral outing in the Leinster House elections in 1981 she secured just over 5%. She even managed not to be elected to Dublin City Council. The vast majority of her sinecures have been appointments by other members of the global elite dedicated to our well-being.

The Shinner Care Bears were no doubt greatly enjoying all of this virtue signalling and basking in the glow of their putative fellow travellers, as it is about all they have left now, but Mother Mary had to go and piss on their party. When she was asked about shaking hands with Gerry Adams she made it sound like she had met Sawney Bean the 16th Century Scottish cannibal. Of course, as it was all part of the process of spaying the republican movement she donned the lavender nosegay and took one for the Bilderbergs.

Then it was on to the main course; the planned evisceration of Peter Casey. Unfortunately Tubs had not chosen the women to knit in front of the guillotine wisely. After some barely coherent harangues to which Casey responded with some commonsense, it was clear that he was not following the script.

Here was a racist anti traveller who asserted again that travellers are as much Irish as the rest of us, and who referred to the immigration of Poles as a positive development, and stated that he did not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or sexual orientation.  So we are not dealing with Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer it would seem. Or the Care Bears’ friends in Gaza and Clonskeagh for that matter.

Time to play to the cheap seats. A few laughs from the gormless were elicited before Casey departed with noticeably a warmer round of applause, and none of the boos, which had greeted him. So despite the “car crash” tweets, Casey had done well. If it was a boxing match decided on points, with a dodgy ref, he had won comfortably.

Unfortunately RTE had chosen the intellectual equivalent of Podge and Rodge as the vehicle on which Casey was invited for his first major interview following the election.  Little was elicited regarding what people are most interested in, which is Casey’s future plans.

Casey has done himself no favours in that regard; flitting between offering his services to Fianna Fáil, establishing a new party with reference back to the prelapsarian FF, and putting his name on the ballot in multiple constituencies as a sort of pace maker for other party candidates in whose favour he would withdraw prior to the election. Other than the five seat Donegal constituency where he intends to stand and will quite likely take a seat at the expense of Sinn Féin or Fianna Fáil.

It is apparent as things stand that he does not have a viable political organisation. Unless he can put one together with credible candidates within six months he may abandon any aspiration to being other than a marginal force. Political organisation also requires something more than boots on the ground. It needs to have a coherent set of ideas.

His impact on the Presidential election was almost solely based on the controversy around his comments on travellers. Comments that in most political contexts would have been the subject of debate but not censure. Neither Casey’s views nor those of his enemies regarding traveller ethnicity are subject to any sort of non ideological verification as those who tried to shout him down would have you believe. But why debate anything when you can shut people up and sneer at them. Republicans of all people ought to ponder on that.

Casey may well be keeping things vague in the knowledge that once you pin your colours to any mast you are restricting your target audience. Most of the 342,000 people who voted for him were motivated by having had their fill of the intolerant consensus that envelopes virtually the entire range of public life in the 26 counties encompassing all of the political parties in Leinster House, the trade union bureaucracy and the representatives of big business. Not to mention most of the media of course.

Any real challenge to that cosy consensus will require something more.


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